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Our mission is to support clients in realizing dreams about their own place to live.

We create modern reality

During designing our apartments and houses, we focus on high-quality materials and attention to detail. We strive to make our projects simple, original and modern.

Wojciech Musiał

President of the Dynamic Development

We build comfortable homes and apartments and create space for rest and recreation.

Under the name Dynamic Development sp. O.o. we have been operating since 2006, building intimate housing estates as well as houses and apartment buildings in and around Warsaw. Our experience in the real estate market, however, is richer - we have been involved in this activity for 18 years.

At that time, we built 500 residential and 150 retail units with a total area of 40,000 m2. We offer houses and apartments from various price segments, so that each of our clients can fulfill their dream of owning their own ideal home.

We are an intimate, boutique developer who focuses on close and personal contact with clients to meet their expectations as quickly as possible. We try to help our clients at every stage of deciding how their perfect place to live should look like. For this purpose, we especially care to plan with the client the layout of rooms in the apartment or house, focusing on convenience and modernity. In our apartments, the windows are larger than the standard requires, because we believe that bright, sunny space is the key to well-being every day.
We also know how important a good idea for a housing estate is, that’s why, apart from a comfortable and tailor-made flat, we emphasize the proper development of the area and provide residents with a place to rest and recreation.

While implementing our projects, we cooperate only with the best, proven subcontractors, exercising strict control over every detail of the investment.

The high quality of our projects
is confirmed by the title of the Developer of the Year 2015, which we won during the Piaseczyński Real Estate Fair.

The visualizations and building models presented on the website www.dynamicdevelopment.pl have a form similar to the final object, i.e. they may deviate from the target, actual appearance of buildings and land development. The characteristics of the service and the functionality of the buildings will not change significantly.


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Hygge is a philosophy of life created over 200 years ago by the Danes - a nation considered the happiest in the world.

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Silence, security and remarkable Mediterranean architecture - this attracts to the Zielona Polana villa complex.

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Comfort by the lake.

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Functional small apartments in the heart of the capital.

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Multi-family building with retail units on the ground floor in a perfect green location.

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